Rotational period determination of 2717 Tellervo and 9773 1993 mg1

Maurizio Scardella, Angelo Tomassini, Francesco Franceschini
ATA (Associazione Tuscolana di Astronomia)
“F. Fuligni” Observatory    (MPC code D06)
Via Lazio, 14 – Rocca di Papa (RM) – 00040– ITALY

The main-belt asteroids (2717)Tellervo and (9773) 1993 MG1 were observed over several nights throughout 2015May-August in order to determine their synodic rotational period.

The observations of the analysed asteroids were carried out from F. Fuligni Observatoryusing a 0.35-m f/10 ACF telescope and SBIG ST8-XE CCD camera with Bessel R filter and from Franceschini’s equipment using a 9.25″ f/6.3 reflector telescope equipped with Atik 314L- CCD camera with Astrodon R filter.  All images were dark and flat-field calibrated with Maxim DL. Differential photometry and period analysis was done using MPO Canopus (Warner, 2012).

(2717) Tellervo

The lightcurve of the main-belt asteroid (2717)Tellervo was already carried out from our team during the summer 2012 (see MPB 40-2) but because scattered data acquired, his rotational period resulted quite different with respect to the value calculated in this session. Current version photos were taken during May-June 2015 over five nights. Theresulting lightcurve has synodic period P = 4.213 ± 0.001 hoursand amplitude 0.40 mag (Fig. 1).

(9773) 1993 MG1

Discovered in June 1993 by E. F. Helin at Mount Palomar Observatory, this main-belt asteroid were selected from the “Lightcurve Photometry Opportunities: July-Sept 2015” on MPB 42-3 (Warner, 2015). The observations were carried out from “F. Fuligni” Observatory and from Francesco Franceschini during four nights in July 2015.The derived synodic period was P = 2.67 ± 0.01 h with an amplitude of A = 0.24 mag (Fig. 2).



Figure 1.The lightcurve of (2717)Tellervo with a period P = 4.213 ± 0.001 h with an amplitude A = 0.40 mag.


of (9773) 1993 MG1

Figure 2. The lightcurve of (9773) 1993 MG1with a period P = 2.67 ± 0.01 h with an amplitude A = 0.24 mag.



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